Karadjordjeva Schnitzel in Restaurant Dva Jelena in Belgrade Serbia

Karadjordjeva Schnitzel in Restaurant Dva Jelena in Belgrade Serbia | Travelling Serbia. If you haven't already, please subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any future videos.
um what's up everybody my name is marco mitrovic and today i am in serbia right now in belgrade and i am going to show you my favorite serbian food today from this restaurant which is very special because my parents they met here and they get to know they got to know each other here so basically this is somewhat of a romantic place and today i'm going to show you really nice serbian food so if you like this type of content please subscribe hit the like button and enjoy this vlog so yeah guys we just got a free tour of the whole restaurant which is huge i didn't know how huge it is they have like 800 to 900 seats and right now it's empty because it's still early it's like 7pm but later it will be full even when there's corona and stuff it will be full and then there will be live music playing and everything i'll show you later so we are starting with our starter menu which is roasted paprikas with garlic we have also roasted chilies with garlic as well and then we have some garlic bread which is seasoned with i think yeah with with chili flakes i think it is and we're gonna try it now so i'm starting now with the roasted paprika with garlic i have to say this i've eaten this a lot of times in germany but it just doesn't taste the same it's not so sweet as it is here the paprika is very sweet the garlic fits perfectly and the texture is like you can see it here the texture is perfect the skin is just coming off of it and it tastes really good the next thing i'm gonna try are the roasted chilies i think they're a bit spicy oh yeah not so much they're very mild for my taste but i'm a very spicy eater so they're might for me but probably not for other people and now i'm gonna try the garlic bread this is so good i wish you could taste it right now the seasoning is just amazing the chili flakes have so much flavor in them as well and there comes my favorite food this is a deep fried pork fillet stuffed with kaimak cheese and served with fries and also tata sauce so now that you have seen what's so special about this i'm going to taste it and i have to say this i know is really good this is so amazing because it's so soft there's so much butter in it that it makes it so soft and the cheese inside just gives it such a good punch it just fits perfectly and i even forgot to put lemon on it the sauce is also really good but i have to say there is one sauce that goes even better with this if you know it it's bearnaise sauce i don't know how to pronounce it in english it's bernardo jose yeah but this tata sauce it's the original and now i'm going to try the stuffed peppers just look at them they're so amazing this is so much different from the other pepper that we got earlier with the with the garlic here so much different it tastes a little bit sweet even because of the panat outside it's just really good just amazing you have to come here and try this this is so good foreign i don't even know what the heck's in there but this tastes so amazing guys you really have to try this why yelena belgrade serbia you have to come here if you like this type of content again hit the like button hit the subscribe button and hit the bell i'm gonna see in the next video peace uh

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